Celebrating Our Built Environment and Unique Community Identity

04 October   Noon-2pm
Join our free Thursday afternoon architecture-sketching tours, guided by members of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects.
MEETING 12noon at 1359 Barrington St, Halifax
To register for the tour, click HERE.

19-21 October
Visit, or participate in, our weekend exhibition of drawings, sketches, illustrations and paintings of work done on the sketchers’ tour and by others across the Province, sketching our built environment. Open to all sketchers, artists, NSAA members on a limited basis.
Location: NSAA Gallery, 1359 Barrington St, Halifax
To submit work, click HERE.


Sketching Nova Scotia

Celebrating Our Built Environment and Unique Community Identity.
Nova Scotia has celebrated architecture ranging from the community-identified Acadian Peak and Lunenburg Bump to contemporary architecture as exemplified by the internationally recognized Halifax Central Library. Nova Scotia also celebrates the creative reuse and adaptive architecture which breathes new life into existing spaces as witnessed by the Truro and Kentville libraries. In the case of the Truro library, it was a modern addition to an existing building while, in Kentville, a complete renovation to change a church to a library was achieved. Each of these projects contributed to the ongoing evolution of each community’s built environment; responded to the needs of its residents while respecting each community’s unique history and identity as demonstrated by its built environment.

During Architecture Week 2017, members of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects along with the Halifax Urban Sketchers held an art show presenting their interpretations of iconic.

Halifax buildings and landmarks as seen through the eye of an architect or artist. This art show drew over 100 people to the NSAA’s seminar room which was transformed into an art gallery for the week. Different perspectives and different mediums portray the same scene in different ways but convey a glimpse of the overall character of the built environment being projected.

For Architecture Week 2018, the event’s success has led to an expansion of the idea to other communities in the province which have either an NSAA chapter and/or a core group of

Sketchers. Plans are underway to have sketching activities in the Annapolis Valley, South Shore, Cape Breton and the HRM where members of the NSAA will be joined when and where possible by the Annapolis Valley Plein Air Artist Group and the Halifax Urban Sketchers to sketch various sites during the week of October 1 to 5. On October 4, there will a Sketching Day held in various sites in Nova Scotia. At each site, a retired or practising architect will facilitate and give sketching tips to those in attendance. Sketching materials will be provided free of charge, or participants can bring their own if they wish. Sites will be selected based on their availability to be sketched in fine weather or in the rain.

Affiliated groups such as Dalhousie School of Architecture students and faculty will also be invited to participate. Community leaders will be contacted to take part in both the site selection and activity to showcase cultural diversity.

From October 19 to 21, the NSAA will once again be the site of an art show displaying previous work and those created during the week of public sketching highlighting a celebration of the built environment. The prime objective of this activity is to have the public stop, thoroughly look at the details of, reflect and capture their built environment in a way they normally do not do on a daily basis.


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