This site is a journey into the Plein Air Art world.

Plein air artists in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada.

I propose to post an exercise, a tip or technique, an idea, a link, a feature video, an image, an inspirational note, a personal/reader’s story, an assignment or challenge. Something, anything, that can develop on-location art skills to create highly creative interpretations of our surroundings — whether they be in an isolated hollow in a quiet woods, or in the hustle and bustle of a busy downtown marketplace.

Plein Air Art presents an artist’s journey in observing, interpreting and sharing landscapes through on-location art. It’s all about firing our creative neurons using any one of, or all of, our senses.

Here, I extend the framework for traditional “plein-air” art to include all multi-media whether it be through sight, sound, touch, hearing or taste. There are no rules and boundaries for creative expression.

This will not only be my journey but will also be the journey of other artists and art-lovers as I encounter them along the way.